hi, i'm julian, and i build things.
hey there, friend!

I'm Julian, a 18 yo French student passionate about programming and dabbling in design. I'm currently studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol.

I love making user & browser-friendly websites with HTML/CSS and PHP, and am currently learning more software-oriented languages such as Python, C, and Java.

Speaking of the web, I just launched a neat little startup called Pictually.me, which I like to believe is my (small) personal contribution to the ever expanding world of social media. Likewise, check out my Type 1 Diabetes Awareness campaign over at LetsCureDiabetes.org.

Other facts about me: I have lived in England, France, Australia and the US, making me fluent in both French and English, as well as able to hold a conversation in German and Spanish.

You can also get my CV here. Speaking of, I'm currently open to freelance jobs ranging from logos to full-blown websites. Let's talk!

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website design
poster design
icon set
website design
logo design
website design
logo design
logo design
website - current

Pictually.me is a creative splash page that links all your other presences on the web and is geared towards helping you share your creative work with the world. Think About.me social meets Behance design portfolio.

Concocted in early 2011, it began as a personal portfolio synthesizing the social foundation of sites such as About.me and the traditional web-portfolio. Realizing that the idea could potentially benefit others, the audience of the project was shifted towards usage by the general artistic community, and several months later it was renamed Pictually.me.

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programming languages of the world
poster - december 2011

In a world where computers play a key role in how humans function, evolve, the programmer is king.

This poster represents some of the most influential programming languages past and present, their date of creation, by whom and where, as well as what their intended uses are.

Please note that some of the information portrayed may be approximative!

I may consider selling prints if there is enough demand :)

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web 2.0 icon set
icon set - november 2011

A set of assorted web-related icons created by yours truly. For the moment, they are only available as 55x55px raster images.

They are currently available for the low price of $0.00 as a .PSD file.

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let's cure diabetes!
website - december 2011

After having been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in 2010, I realised the extent to which misinformation about the condition was widespread. I set myself to the task of creating a simple "Explain Like I'm Five"-type website, to which I could refer friends who had any questions.

My initial goal was to sell t-shirts with unique diabetes-related motifs, e.g. playing on the "blue ring" symbol of the condition itself. Proceeds would be donated towards diabetes research.

Although the website itself is due for a makeover, and the sale of merchandise has yet to be undertaken, diabetes awareness remains on my mind, and I plan on revisiting the project in the near future.

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"logo for human rights"
logo design - november 2011

Created as a submission to the "Logo for Human Rights" competition, sponsored by the United Nations. The aim was to play around with the idea of equality.

website - october 2011 (defunct)

Conceived as a Q&A site for pricing-related inquiries and object valuations. My first major project, it layed the groundwork for ventures into other web-based services, the latest of which is Pictually.me.

false fame
logo design - january 2012

Logo & album cover commissioned by False Fame, an electronic music duo from Indianapolis, IN. Inspired by the Skrillex logo.

techmania products
logo design - june 2010

Logo commissioned by TechManiaProducts, an electronics reseller based out of the United Kingdom.